Bramble Lee Pryde's experience in the arts is vast and varied. Pryde found her way to metalsmithing while traveling abroad after completing her post-secondary education; starting with her foundation year of Fine Arts at UBCO in The Okanagan, and finishing up in Vancouver with her diploma in Design + Formation from Langara College, a program that merges the design disciplines of spatial formation and communication design by bridging architecture, industrial and graphic design. While traveling through South Asia, she discovered the vital role of adornment in the stories people tell about their traditions. This led to returning to Australia, where Pryde specialized further by earning her diploma in Metalsmithing from TAFE, Perth.

In 2013, Pryde left the her corporate career in fashion and returned to her roots in art by applying her skillset to her art and design. Pryde's photography is inspired by the starkness of her surroundings and values unconventional composition and muted palettes. This then transitioned into her exploration of abstracted landscapes created in ink, while leaving large white spaces that surround the imagery in her signature minimalist style that transcends all of her practices. Pryde is currently exploring a series titled Passages, that connects nostalgic landscapes in her photography and paintings.


Le Lou Ula Atelier is a multi-faceted brand of surroundings comprised of demi-fine handcrafted adornments, accoutrements and vessels for rituals, and abstract visual art, and the moniker of independent, multi-disciplinary artist Bramble Lee Pryde, formerly known as WOLF + SADIE. Since its inception in 2013, the Canadian based design studio has evolved into a comprehensive lifestyle brand – all elements of which are curated, designed and produced by Pryde herself.

Pryde's work ascribes to the slow fashion movement and specializes in experimenting within the realm of raw, monochromatic, minimalism. Her choice of mediums are silver, gold and dirt. Every piece of work is designed, forged, cast and finished in Pryde's studio.

The Atelier has garnered praise from the international fashion community through its work with designers and photographers, and has amassed a devout following worldwide. Pryde’s work has been featured across international print and online publications, in network television series, and worn by acclaimed musicians. She has collaborated with photographers and designers globally, and has been credited with “refining the notions of dark clothing” by Paper Magazine.